40% of what we do day in, day out is habit, and to make a shift away from this takes the ability to drive change within ourselves. To unlock this, we must take the fear of failure away. Easier said than done, but pivotal to making this change in mindset.

If we look at most of the things we fear or shy away from you can start to understand that more often than not, what we really fear is a blow to our egos. (And in this industry, a little ego bashing might not actually be a bad thing! 😉)

To make a change, we must start making decisions based on what will make us successful, not on what will mitigate risk in our lives. Get away from just ticking boxes in your work and personal life and move from a transactional to a transformational way of thinking. It is up to you to define yourself by the value you add and the change you can bring.

Change starts with an event and it’s up to you whether you ‘create’ the event or ‘wait’ for the event to happen. YOU DECIDE! #E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome) If you've never heard of this process, I highly suggest looking it up! 

A massive thanks to Jamil Qureshi, Jim Lawless and Caspar Craven who gave incredible talks at the Members Only Retreat and inspired this blog.