My dad is approaching his mid 70’s – and he's doing well for it!

However, he only rings my house phone, never the mobile. His newspaper is delivered through the letter box and if coronation street is missed – it is the omnibus that is the consolation. I guess what I'm getting at is that he is a little old-skool!

Until recently!

Leading up to the recent referendum (don’t worry, there will be zero opinion shared here) we had many healthy debates on the topic. It was in one of these healthy debates that I pointed out to him that he was limiting himself with the traditional channels from which he consumed his information. I pointed out to him that the battles for supremacy on both sides were being played out online across a myriad of different sources.

After a couple of days, my jaw dropped when I received a “friend request” on Facebook and a “connection request” on Linkedin from my Dad – followed by countless shares of political articles and footage, being emailed directly to me, supposedly supporting my old man’s stance!

In two weeks my Dad had been turned into a content junkie!

And this just goes to show how the world is changing. Is it for the better?

We are about to find out.

Information is so freely available and any tom, dick or harry is able to share their opinion with the world (I’m doing it here!) - influencing people along the way – and whether their content is factual or not seems to be irrelevant.

And herein lies the problem. Idiots influencing idiots.

Yours sincerely

An Idiot