So I have been toying with this idea for a while….and I still can’t make my mind up!

At PIE our staff are our most important ingredient and therefore their wellbeing and happiness at work is paramount. After all, happy employees are productive employees!

Last week I was with the Linkedin team at their brand spanking new EMEA HQ in Dublin and it was clear that providing their staff with the very best work environment is key (it was an amazing space!) and one of their policies is a flexible approach to holidays.

The theory is about promoting far more accountability for employees to manage their time and tasks by themselves – everyone knows what they need to achieve and it is up to them to make it happen. I guess the flip side to this they must also know the consequences if they don’t!

And here is my dilemma – is this something people actually want or are workers more comfortable knowing the boundaries and parameters in which they have to work?

Is the “unlimited holiday” policy a fantastic PR exercise which in practice pressures employees to take less holidays? As a business owner I haven’t taken my full allocation of holiday for the past 10 years.

Bottom line, the work place has changed and is continuing to change. Going are the dress codes and the working hours and office attendance – is this the next natural progression.

Personally I think so.

But that is my opinion. In a sales focused world such as recruitment I would be intrigued to hear people’s thoughts – is this seen as a great thing or would the pressure to stay at work mount up?

Also, if you are having a bad time or missing target would you have the guts to chuck in your holiday request form?

Dilemma dilemmas!

PS. The PIE team know nothing of this yet. So as soon as they read this I will tell you what they think!