Your career and success are completely in your hands. Yes, there are always circumstances where outside influences such as the economy, health etc can have a major impact on a career; however it is down to the individual to have the character and determination to make their career a success (if that's what they want of course, and obviously this success is measured in different ways for each individual).

When I meet people who say they want to be successful (and to clarify, as I recruit sales people...this success means MONEY!) and you dig a little deeper into what they have done about their career to achieve this success, it still surprises me how many people have not actually gone that extra mile and really put themselves out to find/earn the success. 

It's very easy to say "I want to be successful", however it is a very different matter when it comes to actually digging deep and putting in the effort to make it happen. I used to think that you either have it in you to be successful or you don't, however over time I have come to think that actually for some  people this can be coached/mentored if approached in the right way. If you 'truly' want to be successful - and have the desire to be successful - then sometimes you have to just stop and take a look at how you are actually making the difference and standing out from the crowd in order to create your own success.

Go and do something different today, making just small changes to everything you do on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your success.