Recruitment has provided me so much….and it is about time people see a career in Recruitment for what it is – a bloody good opportunity.

For those who take their careers seriously, our industry offers so much. Including development, career progression, commercial nous, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, business management, sales ability, negotiation skills, marketing expertise, digital skills, financial acumen and not to mention fantastic earning potential. In fact, in the business world I challenge you to find another industry that can expose you to so much, so quickly.

Yet I still see people dipping their toe into the market without the commitment it takes to really make a success of it. So much wasted opportunity!

However one thing our industry does suffer is a real lack of consistency. There are thousands of agencies out there and the spectrum of quality is astounding. It's this that drives the so called negative perception in the market which in turn leads to people starting a recruitment career with a half-baked attitude of “experimenting” and “giving it a go”.

I was the same 15 years ago after leaving University, telling my parents “I’ll do it for a year and then I’ll get a proper job”.

It's time we shouted about the opportunities a career in recruitment affords. The skills it can develop, the people you meet and the fun and excitement it can bring.

Remember one thing though - and this rings true if you want to be successful at anything in life.

Make sure you commit!