Having just celebrated PIE's second birthday, I think it would be safe to say that we have the company culture pretty spot on here, which - without blowing our own trumpet too much - was always the plan.

Our second birthday party consisted of musical chairs, pass the parcel, pin the wheel on the Northgate Vehicle Rental Van (one of our managed service clients!), NERF wars and a tiny bit of drinking! Having viewed the pictures and videos taken, it's clear that the party went down possibly too well as most of the pictures are probably best not published. Who knew we had such competitive natures?!

We feel a good working culture is hugely important and when we are hiring for our teams internally, it plays a large part in our decision-making process. If you bring people into any business who don't fit culturally, it can mean the relationship starts on rocky ground.

There's an argument that you are at work to do a job and consequently how you interact with each other in a business from a 'cultural' perspective is not important. My thoughts on this would be that anyone with this opinion hasn't experienced a working environment where the business has invested a great deal in ensuring the culture and culture fit is of the highest priority - and they should do everything they can to find one!