So…what can I say about my first 30 days as an FMCG recruiter?

Mind numbing and fast-paced are the initial thoughts that come to mind. But fun as well.

I came in on my first day expecting to be a fully-fledged professional within a few short months. I thought it was a matter of asking some key questions and matching candidates with the right experience to the role at hand.

How wrong could I have been?

There is so much to learn about an industry that I technically have been a part of since I started buying my own products - and now I am on the other side of the ‘shelf’, and realising how products make it into our homes!

My advice for someone who’s thinking about starting their journey to become an FMCG recruiter? I would say there are six key things you need to give you the best possible chance:

  • Leave egos at the door, from what you have learnt previously. Chuck it out of the window and start again. It doesn’t matter to anyone.
  • Bring enthusiasm and resilience. You will constantly make mistakes and that’s okay. Learn from it, pick up the phone and try again.
  • If you don’t understand then say so! This probably relates back to point 1 but if you don’t, you will do yourself a disservice and stunt your learning.
  • Do your research. Coming in and working  from 8:30 – 18:00 is not enough to understand this industry. Reading articles, joining Linkedin groups, going to exhibitions and reading the bi-weekly Grocer magazine are all great places to start.
  • Engage, get noticed and grow your network.
  • And finally… Have fun and enjoy the experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far at PIE and have a great team that genuinely want me to succeed.

It’s now been 60 days in my journey as an FMCG recruiter and I can say there is a long way to go yet but I am enjoying every minute and there’s always something new to learn. And, as Richard Branson said, “If an opportunity presents itself and it interests you, say yes and figure it out later”.