Well, what a wonderful Lunch! my colleagues and I had last week. 

Of course we're talking about the fantastic expo at Excel for the Food to Go industry.

It was great to see so many up and coming brands making their way through the abyss that is FMCG. And quite frankly...it's a bit of a break from seeing the same products that I see on a daily basis in my local area.

What was great to see, were so many new brands making this event their official launch. We ventured over to try some great products where some FMCGers were "Grazing" and handing out various snacks. And in my honest opinion, what a great place to do so. With some of the biggest influencers in FMCG, a business's luck could change in an instant!

We met with a number of key influencers demonstrating NPD from a vast range of products from right across the Food to Go sector, a category currently enjoying an explosion in the industry. Everyone was there, from Buyers to National Account Managers, CEO's of award winning start ups and marketing teams helping support them. Great products, great branding and great day out.

The Food To Go category is very much alive and I can't wait to see what some of these brands do in the next 12 months.