In the spirit of #worldmeatfreeweek I had to write about this.

And what a week for meat alternatives. The Meat Free movement has slowly but surely been plucking away at the ever more environmental and health conscious consumer and both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are leading the way forward.

With documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Vegucated being thrust into the limelight, I’m pleased some of the major mults are taking the opportunity to move with the times and offer more meat alternatives. Sainsbury’s has launched meat free brands such as Quorn Foods in the meat aisle and Waitrose has really stepped up to the plate, launching a dedicated Vegan section in 125 stores.

In my opinion, this is what the UK has been waiting for. There’s been a noticeable shift in consumer behaviours and a demand for more options and choice.

But don’t get me wrong…you just can’t substitute (and may well not want to) a 12oz Angus Steak with peppercorn sauce or a Bacon and Sausage sandwich for brekkie. But taking on board the added health and environmental benefits, I think we all should go out there and try a Vivera Schnitzel as well.

I’d love to gather your thoughts on this. Comment below.