Here we are again! The 2017 Masters starts today and is it possible that McIlroy can complete the Grand Slam of majors? I, for one, will be glued to the TV again as I have been for many years (much to my young family’s delight!) - apart from that year some close friends and I decided to watch it at a local pub. Which meant I missed most of the last day due to a ‘Masters’ drinking game.’ The photographic evidence is not pretty!!

When I was growing up, it wasn’t an amazing technicoloured dream coat I dreamed of wearing, it was a fairly plain, single breasted green blazer (for those non golfers out there, since 1949 a green jacket/blazer has been awarded to the champion). Although at my age, whilst all hopes of wearing it have long faded, the thought of the first week of April and this amazing tournament still holds a magical place in my heart.

And my dream possibly lives on, as about a year ago my eight year old Son started to play and he is already asking me when he can leave school to become a golf pro. Words I always hoped I would hear! He is on half term this week and I have left him with strict instructions to watch the Junior Drive, Chip and Putt competition they ran on Sunday at Augusta to give him an insight into the world he could become part of, if he continues to have the focus and determination he is already displaying.

It takes an inherent passion to reach the top of your game whether it be in sport or business and as a sales recruiter I’m always looking for those whose determination and hunger for success makes them stand out. So come on – show us your passion!