I was reading this article on some insight from our friends at Robert Half and it got me thinking about what my dear old mum used to say to me..

Only boring people get bored!

This was usually a retort to the younger me…whinging that I had nothing to do and that I wanted her to do something about it. What my mum basically meant was for me to solve that dilemma for myself.

Relating this to the world or work the article raises some good points – but they are not new! Of course employers should be working on “retention strategies” which is basically HR speak for providing inspiring and motivating working environments where employees can flourish and realise their potential.

However, it isn’t all down to the employer.

It is up to you.

Push yourself, challenge yourself, invest in yourself. If you won’t then why the hell should your employer. The world is about making things happen, not waiting for them to come to you.

I occasionally hear the bored word in the world of recruitment which is where I have been operating for the past 15 years.


Recruitment is definitely one of those industries where it is what YOU make of it. There are so many facets, so many new adventures and done right, so much to learn and achieve!

So if my ramblings have interrupted your “boring” job this afternoon and you are already closing in on the Sunday night fear then do something about it. Get yourself a new challenge!

But only when you can hand on heart say you have given it your all.

After all, only boring people get bored!