Put simply, YES there should be. 

I agree with this article in some respects but I do feel that too much talk of 'the team' and 'doing it for the better of the business' is lost on truly hungry sales people with a hunter mentality. They want to make money...and lots of it. If you try to tame that behaviour and character in an individual, you can find that the 'wider business' in fact suffers as you end up with a 'tamed' sales environment which can create a mediocre environment, attracting mediocre sales people, resulting in mediocre performances.

I personally prefer a 'harder' sales environment and one where you have to be on your game constantly and maybe not watch your back for other colleagues, but not far off. It should keep you on your toes and make you perform! If you are not at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the week, month quarter etc. it SHOULD hurt...if it doesn't then surely you have to ask questions of yourself and the business has to look at the reactions of individuals and sometimes make decisions for them.

Anyway...time to concentrate on being top of the leaderboard!