It’s Sunday night. I’m starting my new job tomorrow. Not only that, but I’m moving into a totally different industry and I’m giving up the luxury of “Working From Home.” (Remind me again why I’m doing this?)

Obvious questions are running through my head. What am I going to wear? WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?! Dress code is “something your mother would approve of.” That’s not particularly helpful, given my Mother is partial to a pair of jogging bottoms (my particular favourite being her Limited Edition Missy Elliot X Reebok bad-boys).

I settle on smart black jeans and high cut jumper, with a leopard print jacket. I know, leopard print is controversial…but I don’t want to look too conservative? And at least I can take it off? Right?!

Nail polish is neutral…with no chips (nothing worse than chipped nail polish).

I prepare a packed lunch. Don’t want to assume I’m going out for lunch on my first day. I make sure I’ve enough cash in my purse to buy myself something (at least 4 coffees to get me through my first office-based day in forever). I Google the nearest car park to the office. I ask Google how long it should take me to get there. I add fifteen minutes and then I set 8 alarms, so I absolutely don’t oversleep on my first day.

Then I stumble across this GEM and realise that it’s not just me and that everyone has these initial fears when starting a new job…and that as long as I perfect the art of making a mediocre cup of coffee and remember at least 3 names of new colleagues, I’ll probably be ok.