"The new generation of coffee snobs is turning its nose up at friends’ and family’s instant coffee because it can’t stand the taste. Almost a third (30%) of 18-34 year olds say they would downright refuse to drink a coffee offered to them unless it was made using fresh beans, capsules or bags."

I mean, that’s all very well but surely the fuss of a “drip-filter” or a “cold-brew” is about to wear thin?

54% believe fresh coffee is worth the extra expense because of its superior quality.. what about the remaining 45%? 

Surely there must be some demand left for the good old Nescafe Gold Blend?

According to Agency UK who’ve done some great digging in the alcohol industry 

The quest for authenticity has brought about an impressive rise in craft beer, against an overall decline in the alcohol category. It has shown that smaller brands like Fever-Tree (with 2016 sales up 59%) can take formidable strides in an unexciting world like mixer soft drinks. The ivory towers of the Champagne houses are starting to crumble as they battle image issues, stiffer competition, Brexit and a 9% decline in 2016 sales. The fizz is going flat.”  

So does this authenticity quest also apply to the “back to beans” millennials in the coffee / RTD category?

We’ve certainly seen the evidence.

Working with some incredible challenger brands, innovation UK start-ups & global success brand UK launches such as Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Remedy, Jing tea etc we’re feeling the excitement combining the challenger brands / taste snobbery trend.

They’re doing well, and hiring to boot.

That aside, for one in ten, the choice of coffee is simply about image.. 

I quite like the image of George Clooney in my kitchen bent over my Nespresso machine too..