Despite being pegged as the generation that shuns owning a car, Millennials appear to like buying cars more than their Generation X counterparts did when they were younger.

What won't come as a surprise to you is the way they purchase a vehicle is also very different.

Technology has changed Millennials' car-purchasing habits. Online shopping tools aimed at car buyers has expanded through multiple review sites, social media and direct advertising - Millennials have certainly embraced it.

Online shopping is very comfortable for Millennials, they have a better ability to find what they want at the price they should pay for it.

The team here at PIE have just started a UK company build for a automotive data business and through the stats we studied the average showroom visits before a car purchase is made have rapidly decreased, due to some of the above reasons. Average visits have dropped from just over five to now just over one visit to a showroom before purchase and as an industry we have to adapt to the ever changing consumer.