Ok, so we are all agreed that smoking is a bad thing, right? 

We are also agreed that the general perception in the workplace, is that people who smoke and take cigarette breaks cost the business money, right? 

We are all right regarding my first point, however my second point could pose a different question and maybe we are looking at this wrong.

My opinion on this - which is not based on research, rather my experience of working in sales environments for the past 20 years - is I believe that when working in a high-pressure sales environment (recruitment is firmly in this category!) smoking breaks can, in fact, help you ‘cope’ with this pressure. Even perhaps increase performance, as it gives you time to think and consider your next move.

Now, I’m NOT advocating smoking, however, I am advocating having time away from your ‘desk’, the ‘thinking’ time. 

But the big question is…what can non-smokers do during this ‘thinking time’, as randomly standing and looking into space in your company’s car park is just weird and won’t do it for many people. And, before you mention it, looking at your phone isn’t an option as that defeats the object of ‘thinking' time...doh!

I’m intrigued to find out what others think - what could/would you do during 'thinking' time if you're not a smoker?