This is a great article for top tips for a telephone interview (in fact -thinking about a little bit of plaguerism here!! )  If you're on the interview trail, its well worth book-marking.

As a first round of screening, telephone interviews are very common place these days, often conducted by the Recruitment or HR Manager.

I'm a big fan - in a way.

It gives candidates a chance to get in touch with the client in a way that's not so intrusive to their diary and can often get the interview process off the marks quicker, than waiting for face to face availability for all parties.

On the other hand, there's nothing like getting to know someone in person, that initial eye contact or getting those personal "feels" to win over an interviewer, or indeed show you what you like about the company brand or environment.

None the less, telephone interviews are on the rise, read these top tips to turn a telephone encounter  into something altogether more exciting...