The SaaS market is has grown exponentially over the last decade and is forecast to be valued at $200billion by 2020. 

I've seen this first hand having recruited in the SaaS market in London over the last ten years. In the early days it was relatively easy to piece everything together and know who all the key players were in the UK. 

These days, it's an impossible task as the expansion over the last two years has moved to a new level. New companies seem to come onto our radar every day. 

As of today, we have one report that shows over two hundred and forty UK founded SaaS companies have received Seed funding within the last six months. 

If you apply general market ratio's, that should mean around twenty five UK founded SaaS companies heading for Series A investment within the next 12 months.

The noticeable shift for me has been the amount of companies founded outside of the U.S. 

The UK is the next biggest market; however, the whole of Europe has seen a huge growth of SaaS start-ups and the market continues to head East into new territories.