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Lights, Camera, Action!

By Chloe Smyth

It is no secret that our purchasing habits in recent years have certainly changed, with most of us popping items into our baskets from the comfort of our sofas. The concept of purchasing without having seen the product isn't that daunting when purchasing a new jumper, however it's now not uncommon for us to purchase the bigger ticket items over the internet and the automotive industry has definitely seen an increase in online sales. According to a study by Cox Automotive 76% of car buyers would be open to buying a car and completing the purchase online. 

So what tools are dealerships using to ease customers nerves when making such a big purchase? From my own personal experience, CitNow and AutosOnShow are two fantastic ways of connecting with your customers and allowing them to see the vehicle in detail ahead of purchasing. When I was working in a dealership I found that sending a customer a video of the vehicle not only allowed me to be transparent about the condition but it also helped me build rapport with my customer, by enabling me to personalise this experience to their needs and wants. Predominantly it makes it an easier purchasing journey for the customer. 

These tools can also be used for advertising by taking video spins of the vehicles to put in the advert and also in other departments like aftersales, where technicians can send videos that allow customers to see what services have been carried out and where problems have occurred. This ultimately improves website engagement and promotes upsell, so it really is a great process to practice for all!

CitNow Group have now even integrated CitNOW Sales into Dealerweb Showroom, making it easier for sales teams to create, send and monitor their content. I mean the statistics speak for themselves, CitNow found that "84% of car buyers said video was a valuable part of their car buying experience and 70% of car buyers valued the transparency that video provides in the workshop."

So, I think it is safe to say that videos definitely help sell a product but could I be using video to improve my candidate engagement and promote my job roles? The answer is an absolute yes!!

Would my network like to see a job description that includes a conversation with the hiring manager about the role and culture of the company? Quite possibly! 

Would my clients like to see a CV, with a short video introduction to each candidate and a couple of vetting questions? Maybe, yes!

I think we can all agree that the use of video platforms such as Teams and Zoom have been life savers over the last two years, when hiring for new roles and allowing interviews to take place! However with Gen X and Millennials now representing most of the population and being so accustomed to the ease of purchasing online, like the automotive industry I believe we could be using video technology more to personalise and improve the experience for both candidate and client.

CitNOW reported that over 12.1 million videos were created during 2021, up 120% over the past five years.

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