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The Women of PIE Recruitment

By Chloe Smyth

International Women’s Day is upon us again and – quite rightly – there are facts and figures all over social media about the different experiences men and women have in the workplace.

From a disappointing gender pay gap (why is this still a thing?) which seems to be getting WORSE according to the ONS, to outright discrimination, poorer pension earning ability and a lack of flexibility from employers which seems to target women who still bear the bulk of childcare responsibilities.

BUT it’s not all doom and gloom for us ladies! There are some industries where women are thriving, recruitment being one of them!

Currently our workforce comprises 54% women and since our inception back in 2014 that’s been a fairly constant statistic. I’m certainly not trying to say that’s been a deliberate target, probably more a lucky one but I was intrigued to know from our own female employees here at PIE whether they felt they worked in an industry where women were treated the same as men. I asked the following questions to gain a quick insight…

What’s it like to work as a woman in recruitment?

“Really enjoyable, love talking to great people and so satisfying when you are successfully able to work with clients and hire great people for their teams, and secure opportunities that genuinely progress people in their careers. Enables me to work in a friendly but competitive industry where no 2 days are the same, with some really rewarding moments.”

What particular challenges (if any) have you found as a woman working in your specific sector? 

“Some parts of the automotive industry can be a little archaic, if you look at senior management or in the workshops/salesfloors there is still a lack of female presence. This is however changing and if you look at initiatives like “The 30 Club” there is an active motion to increase the female representation within the industry.”

Do you think that recruitment offers a career that’s equally as rewarding for men and women? Both in terms of remuneration AND career progression.

“I know many successful men and women in recruitment- I personally feel that gender has nothing to do with success in recruitment. If you are passionate about people, understanding your clients and matchmaking your candidates to those clients you will do well. I think sometimes Women don’t always ASK for a promotion/ the career progression as much as men, and this is an area we can learn from men- back yourself!”

Do you think being female in recruitment holds any advantages over being male? 

“Women can be deemed as more emotional than men but to be honest having an emotional/empathetic side comes in handy in a lot of circumstances in recruitment. I think that women naturally take more of an interest in people's lives and like to chat, I suppose you could say we are nosey but I think we can build relationships more quickly with both clients and candidates because of this.”

So it seems that overall Recruitment is one sector that promotes a healthy working environment for women and to wrap up this brief piece on International Women’s Day, I thought it would be nice to introduce you all properly to the lovely ladies here at PIE!

Evie – 

Sector: SaaS

Favourite Food: CHINESE!! - Crispy chilli beef

Favourite Film: Top Gun Maverick. Miles Teller… must I say more?

Favourite Song: Belter by Gerry Cinnamon

What do you enjoy about your job? The team!! For every high and low there is always support from the amazing people around you! I am very lucky to have built friendships at work.

Your proudest achievement in life so far? Climbing Kilimanjaro

Chloe – 

Sector: Automotive

Favourite Food: Duck pancakes.

Favourite Film: Inception – any Christopher Nolan!

Favourite Song: Ahh so many! One that always puts me in a good mood is Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader.

What do you enjoy about your job: Finding people their dream role or a position that improves their lives/career and working with my peers, it’s a great feeling looking forward to coming into the office.

Your proudest achievement in life so far: Probably completing the London marathon.

Sarah –

Sector: Operations Director

Favourite Food: Chicken caesar salad (has to have anchovies)

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing or Lost Boys

Favourite Song? Anything by Depeche Mode

What do you enjoy about your job? Never doing the same thing two days in a row!

Your proudest achievement in life so far? My two boys! But also pretty proud of my solo parachute jump and deciding to give up drinking – nearly 4 years now!

Maxine – 

Sector: Automotive

Favourite Food: Buffalo chicken wings!

Favourite Film: Stepbrothers

Favourite Song: Call me Al by Paul Simon

What do you enjoy about your job: Talking! Discovering and learning about new areas within the automotive sector.

Your proudest achievement in life so far: Having some of my script work read out at Northern Stage in Newcastle. 

Chloe – 

Sector: SaaS

Favourite Food: Smoky BBQ brisket

Favourite Film: Pretty Woman

Favourite Song: So hard!! Hold On by Wilson Phillips or Power of Love by Huey Lewis… cheese!

What do you enjoy about your job: Working with an amazing bunch of people, it’s like a family and I have made lifelong friends here.

Your proudest achievement in life so far: Undoubtedly my two amazing little dudes!

Kayleigh – 

Sector: Consumer

Favourite Food: Mexican

Favourite Film: The Dark Knight

Favourite Song: Secret Smile by Semisonic

What do you enjoy about your job: Helping candidates find jobs they love in the right business for them.

Your proudest achievement in life so far: My little miniature Dachshund Ralph!

Mel – 

Sector: SaaS

Favourite Food: Ginger wings and Sushi! YUM!

Favourite Film: Depends who I am talking to but either the Die Hards or The Notebook 

Favourite Song: Open Your Heart by Madonna

What do you enjoy about your job: A good chat whilst it being deemed acceptable to have a good nose into other people’s worlds!

Your proudest achievement in life so far: Defo my kids.

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