As I've been sitting here in my flat shoes, I've got to wondering... 

"Has my ability to perform my job been affected by my choice of shoes today?" 

Well I can categorically tell has not.

This month has, as always, has consisted of significant phone time and meetings with Clients & candidates, in among many other daily duties. My team and I  - all in flat shoes - have provided a significant service to our client, whilst over delivering on the expectations set.

I'm happy, my team is happy, my boss is happy and best of Client is too. 

I would also add that not only have I done less damage to my feet this month, I have also avoided further embarrassing moments catching my heels in the many damaged roads, pathways and random grates on our streets. 

Perhaps we should ask the government to correctly repair these pathways and roads so that we can wear heels without incident or accident?

Sore subject??...sore feet!