As it says on the tin, recruitment in the January period is and has historically been, a complete tug of war for talent.

The majority of businesses/staff will be all too tempted by the looming festivities and whilst significant business plans may have been put in place, everyone is saying the same thing… ‘Let’s look at it in January!’

Take my advice and be sure to lure the best talent by getting your finger out way quicker - and here’s why:

Client side

  • Published figures show that competition is significantly stronger in the January period, everyone is doing the same thing!
  • Salary wars. In January, you’ve got to do more to stand out in all of the noise. If you haven’t already started being noticed by top talent in your area, you may miss out on the best without highlighting a stand out remuneration package
  • Figures show that offered basic salaries generally will rise by at least 10-15% in the January period (the proofs in the pudding!)
  • People get lost.  It’s a fact that if the candidate market is swamped by the top talent and the lesser so, good people may be missed purely down to the quantity on offer.
  • It is also known that there is often a peak in job boards being reviewed over the week of Christmas. It's easy to presume that the majority are enjoying time with family and friends but realistically there are an array of people already dreading their return to work in the New Year!

So get recruiting now - and avoid the January pitfalls!