As it says on the tin, recruitment in the January period is & has historically been a complete tug of war to get noticed for the top jobs.

Come late December, the majority of employees will be avoiding their jobs altogether and be all too tempted by the looming festivities… Christmas parties and online shopping! This could possibly be due to the fact that business is just quiet in December, but this could also be because ‘you’re just not that in to it!’

If you have already starting thinking about a new career in the New Year, don’t let us stop you.

In fact we would encourage it. Right now.

Take my advice and be sure to pull your finger out way quicker than the New Year, here’s why:-

  • Published figures show that competition is significantly stronger in January, this is because everyone is doing the same thing!
  • People get ‘lost’, it’s a fact that if the candidate market is swamped by the top talent and the not so talented, that good people may be missed purely down to the quantities on offer
  • Salaries offered are known to increase in the New Year due to the application battles, which may sound great but actually this means the net is wider for the talent, who may have years more experience than you
  • We know that whilst some of you are enjoying some time with your family and friends there’s also a large number of you that are already dreading the thought of returning to work in January. My advice, strike whilst the iron is hot! At this time of year, recruiters should have a little more time to make sure they’re finding you that perfect job, and not just one that your CV looks okay against!

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