As a recruiter in the FMCG Sales and Marketing space, I've often looked at the age of the candidates we hire into our customers.  I'm not sure if it is specific to the FMCG market or if it is more generic across Sales and Marketing, but there is a very definite view in some quarters that past a certain age you are too old to do certain jobs.

With a skills gap looming (some saying it's already here) this must be the time to hire the right skills into a business and not kowtow to the belief that a more mature employee will upset the 'culture fit'.

Congrats to one of my customers who recently hired the best person for their job - a 58 year old, with more energy and fire in his belly than most 25 years olds I’ve met recently.   I can guarantee they will get their money's worth!

 Be brave all you people who are hiring today - we could all be the 'more mature' candidate one day!