As someone who is very definitely in the Generation X bunch, I would say that I've had to learn to use emojis rather than it being my natural go to when emailing. 

I love a good emoji - a 'smiley’, a 'crying with laughter', even the brown one with the smile (and we all know what that one is!) but I keep these to my personal and not professional emails.

Now I hear the cries of the Millennials and Gen Zs all around me, it's part of our language now and how everyone communicates.  True and as I say, they do have a place, even in the workplace between colleagues (you should see some of our mails to each other) but just not in a professional capacity.

Ben-Gurion University quoted below based on their experiments says:

"responses without smileys were more detailed and tended to include more information than those with smileys."

" participants judged senders who included emojis as being less competent than those senders who did not include emojis"

" senders using smiling photographs were perceived as more competent and friendly than those with neutral-looking photos. Unfortunately, smileys still fared poorly. Senders that included emojis were still perceived as less competent."

What does it mean for you?  If you use emojis in a professional capacity you’ll appear less competent than those who do not. To be honest, you may as well go the whole hog and use Comic Sans!

So, a plea from me - don't use emojis when you are looking for a new job - but do save a "smiley" or two for when you are texting your loved ones when you have found the new job!