I've been told for years that shoppers’ habits have changed - but up until a few weeks ago I had held firm and was still doing my weekly shop from my sofa using my Ocado app - and excellent it is too!

Ocado do price check all the brands across all of the top 4, but I did a little experiment and cross checked all of the Tesco Finest range against some of the branded products I had in my virtual trolley.

It took a little bit of time (but when you shop from your sofa you do have that luxury) and when I'd finished, I had saved about a tenner across the shop.  Not bad for an extra 15 minutes 'shopping time'. 

So my next thought - how do I get this wonderful shopping from Tesco to me? - I hate going into supermarkets (as most of my colleagues will testify to!) and there is a £40 minimum spend on most online delivery services.

But well done Tesco - their Click and Collect service has no minimum spend and they go and get it all for you - so all I had to do was drive up to where I usually get my petrol and a very nice chap gave me my shopping. - Bingo!

Never thought I'd be singing the praises of Tesco, but there is a lot to be said for just changing things up a bit and 'speed dating' a couple of other retailers!

I've averaged this out as I wouldn't save a tenner every week, but I recon I'll save £150 this year, so I'm off to buy myself a nice new bag with my future savings!  - Well I never said it was an experiment in not spending money - just spending it elsewhere!