How many times have you spoken to a peer about a recruiter who doesn't listen to what you want?  Can't say I blame you in some cases, but it is very difficult to 'listen' if the communication is all written and non-verbal.  

There is talk about how millennials will do almost anything to avoid having a verbal conversation, but I beg of you (if you are indeed one of these) to please please pick up the phone and have a chat, engage, even banter a bit!

Of course using texts, email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Messenger and all of the others are great and have a time and a place, but in the case of initiating contact with someone who could help you move your career forward, there is nothing better than actually talking.

So next time you send over a CV for a role or receive an InMail that you want to respond to - set up a time for a chat as well. I promise, it will really help!