The retail industry certainly gets its fair share of press, some good, some not so good, but it’s great to see certain dealer groups coming into the modern world and really focussing on both consumer and staff experience.

It was fantastic to read that Peter Vardy are celebrating 10 years in business by transferring £5 million worth of shares with its 800 employees, sharing a sense of togetherness and more importantly emphasising the value of their staff.

In 10 years, Peter Vardy has grown from one to twelve sites and they retail both prestige and volume brands across Scotland, it seems a great time to be a part of their business. Who knows where this journey will end when you look at the recent success of the likes of Lookers, Marshalls and Vertu motors, to name but a few.

Employee Value Proposition is a term I frequently come across with clients of mine and without doubt such generosity from Peter Vardy can only increase staff retention and morale, which in turn I have no doubt will improve the customer experience and retention levels.

It got me thinking, is this the way forward to attract better volume and quality of talent to the automotive world?