There's no getting around this, as a recruiter, a manager of a business and someone who prides themselves on truth, the sharing of this infographic is irresponsible.  


However it made me giggle.  I've witnessed this behaviour in offices throughout my career, for many reasons other than just the footy (as I'm sure we all have) with a mixture of amusement and frustration. 

In fact, the nature of my profession has often made me far too sceptical in the cases of "unauthorised absences"  and "suspect sick days", having also needed others to be slightly less than truthful on occasion, in order to get "time off for interviews".

But we don't have to be so serious all the time do we?  

So in the interest of needing (and wanting) to provide a fun, engaging and all singing and dancing working environment for a team, but still needing to ensure productivity is high, where is the balance?

A poll over the last week of candidates and clients told us that 68% of respondents were planning on watching England football games whilst at work and 70% of those were provided with facilities to do so, or employers were giving their blessing or encouragement to do so.

We've got a TV, the England game will be on it, and everyone will be invited to enjoy it with a beverage of their choice or two.  But it's back to work afterwards.  Bah humbug.