Another info-graphic, I'm a sucker for them I'm afraid but combine it with a a bit of psychology and I hope this will make a bit of informative fun for your ride home reading.

Apparently there's lots of subconscious meaning and science behind the colours of brands that infuse our lives on a day to day basis, from "appetite inducing" red to "playing it safe" blue.

The "Unicorns" (I had to look it up - to make it easier for others who like me are not down with the kids - its a company that has a value of over $1billion ) are mostly favouring black.

So how does this relate to what I know and do?  Perhaps from a recruitment perspective, maybe theres some science to be applied when putting colour into your own CV and the oh so important ideal of personal branding.  

From a marketing perspective when thinking of my company branding and communications?  Have we got the colour / target market psychology correct?

I'll let you be the judge of that.

Happy Tuesday evening.