So...I’ve seen colleagues preparing to launch themselves out of the closest window and witnessed the most foul language fall out of the sweetest mouths! 

Why you ask…? 

Someone has not controlled the recruitment process properly. We can either blame our clients or ourselves but it’s safe to say, if you are good at what you do, you will ONLY allow speed when recruiting.

Following reading the attached article, I wanted to offer some simple reasons as to why there is ‘the need for speed in recruitment’.

By the way “Recruiting faster doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hiring standards, but it does mean you have to move fast.”

1.The importance of being Decisive

The very best candidates are in high demand and are likely to receive multiple offers. If you’re not prepared to be decisive you may lose out to your competitors! Being decisive with your hiring process helps you differentiate yourself from competitors and improve your candidate experience.

2.Higher acceptance rates

Reducing the time from interview to offer gives candidates less time to interview elsewhere or listen to counteroffers from their current managers – also, there’s less chance they will get poached by someone else!

3.A better impression - assists in retention!

If staff retention matters to you, it’s vital a candidate has a seamless transition into your business right from the start. People always remember the bad, meaning a disjointed recruitment process will be the first impression they carry into their ‘apparent’ successful career in your business. 

4.To set expectations 

It’s a fact that you are more likely to hire top quality candidates if the Client, Recruiter & Candidate are all reading from the same script. The process we use ensures the candidate is aware of the process they are about to embark on, right from the start. This eliminates huge amounts of risk and generally leaves the candidate showering both you and the client with compliments. Who wouldn’t want to work for a business like that!

“Correcting all of the above can dramatically improve efficiency, this might mean you have to re-evaluate your process”

So, to all of my dear followers, simply remember “You Snooze, You Lose”!