So, having had a quick peek at the Daily Mail web site this afternoon whilst scoffing a sandwich (no judging- we all do it!)  I saw the text below, which is expert advice, aimed at people looking for love.  

But the first sentence "You only get one chance to make a first impression" albeit very cheesy is a bit part of why people get hired (or don't!)

So I carried on reading and it says "Build yourself up internally"  "Connect subtly"  "Chat matter-of-factly". It does go onto other things, (which if you are looking for love might be useful to  check out), but basically human nature is to communicate and bond with people we like.

Can we therefore apply these behaviours to job interviews?  Yes!  Of course you will still need to learn about a business, understand a company's requirements, be self aware enough to know your own abilities and development areas - but what will get you the job, putting skills aside is likeability and personality.

I'm definitely not saying take a 'dating manual' into your next job interview, but do smile, engage, chat, connect and listen - it might just work.