It's the great In or Out debate...and I'm not talking Brexit.   A true flexible working environment is giving your team the ability, means and trust to work remotely, as well as being able to "let go" and set them free.  

As a career long recruiter, I can look at this with several different hats on.  As a team manager and an employee, I really thrive on the close team environment, experiencing the highs and successes together in the same room as your colleagues. Whether it's coming together to create new ideas, watching a new member of the team grasping a new concept or supporting others when they need it, or the silly banter, I love the office and the people around me.

Yet, with clients I've worked with, be it with more regular or tricky briefs, I've often encouraged them to look further afield to find the right talent and to see how they can be flexible in the office environment to get the perfect person, who may not necessarily live on the doorstep.

So, as we expand the business we've created, and the needs of a growing family challenge the traditional 9-5, I find myself asking the question...could we achieve more of our goals by forgoing some of the traditional crutch of the office dynamic?