Here in the PIE office we are having a bit of a debate.  Why move from Blue-Chip to SME - How open minded are you?

The FMCG landscape is changing and although there will be always be the big blue-chip businesses who train and develop great people, there are a number of challenger brands, SMEs and Start -ups, who can offer a very different but hugely rewarding career.

As consumers, we are all very brand aware, but working in the FMCG market means we have access to some of the best newcomers to the market (think Ella's Kitchen a few years ago for example).  They want to hire bright, well trained people who will challenge them , make mistakes, be entrepreneurial, take risks and therefore reap the rewards.

Now these types of companies are not for everyone granted, but I was speaking to a Head of Sales yesterday who has made the move to a SME from a bigger business (prior to the move he was a SNAM) and he has never looked back.  

So to all of you brilliant FMCG/Consumer sales and marketing people out there - next time you are approached or looking proactively for something new, try to keep an open mind  - you never know what might come of it!