Fact -  The automotive market really is buoyant at this moment in time. Nine new clients chose to partner with us over the last quarter and as a result of hard work, industry knowledge and keeping an open dialogue, there are now six people with brand new, exciting jobs. (Well you can’t win them all can you?)

But is there a skills shortage?

There will always be a high demand for people with demonstrable success in the Contract Hire and Fleet markets and there certainly seems to be a vast number of opportunities across both the captive motor manufacturers and leading prime motor finance companies.    

What is interesting is that a change in the thought process for a number of companies means they are moving faster than ever before, making decisions quickly and therefore they get to the best talent first. This has to be a good sign right?

The other thing that seems to have changed is that some of the more open minded companies in the industry are no longer closed to bringing excellent skills from outside of the automotive marketplace into their companies.  Attitude and the desire to learn something new are seen as a quality equal to that of industry experience, which is creating diversity of thinking.  Employees who will challenge the norm (because they don't know  what the norm is) are bringing a sense of change to companies that might just need it!

Automotive software or technology candidates who enjoy new business are without question the most sought after.  This may be because our market is heading into more of a technology based sell, but there are an awful lot of businesses out there who want to hire in this sector. 

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and terrible things happening in the world currently, businesses want to hire bright and brilliant salespeople in their companies and PIE will continue to help them!