It's good news for everyone, the FMCG industry has gone some way to maintain a more equal parity of pay between the sexes than the UK industry as a whole.  

With new legislation stating that Gender Pay statistics information has to be published & in the public domain by 2017, this old issue is going to continue to feature in the news.

PIE has conducted research of our candidate pools and concluded, whilst there is still a gap, the FMCG sales and Marketing industries are closer to the ideal of equal rewards between male and female employees at similar job grades and disciplines than the National statistics dictate.

Some facts and figures for you.....PIE has found that 

  • whilst the National average gender pay gap is 19% in the "management" category, FMCG tends to fair better with middle managers (NAM level in Sales / Brand Management /equivalent in Marketing) experiencing a 7.9% difference on average in sales and a smaller 5.8% in marketing positions.
  • The gap is almost inconsequential when it comes to more junior management positions (NAE & territory rep levels in Sales, Exec & Asst roles in Marketing) with just 2% in sales and interestingly enough a 7% difference in favour of females in marketing.
  • Interestingly from our sample study, when it comes to more senior management roles the gender pay difference seems to close again, with almost equal pay in sales focused positions and just 1.2% in senior marketing roles.

There are still some interesting gender issues that may warrant further conversation.  I'm no particular "feminist" per say, so whether these are due to natural biological, cultural, socio-economic or as some might insist "female subordination" reasons are certainly up for debate, but here's what we found.

  • Sales continues to be a generally more male dominated in FMCG.  While more evenly spread in career start roles at 58%, males occupy 67% of middle management positions and 77% of senior roles.
  • Marketing shows a different picture, again more even at career forming stages but biased towards females at 59%, 65% female at middle management but reverting to just 23% again in senior management segments.

Again, according to Office of National Statistics, female salaries peak at age 30-39, with males coming in later at 40-49.

*research performed on basic average pay information on full time employees.  We did not include part time salaries, contractor or freelance billings or commission based sales bonuses for this research piece

We'd welcome any thoughts, questions or commentary you have on this issue, or any other salary and package you'd like to discuss.  We'll see if we can add our two pence worth!

Watch this space for other research pieces by PIE.