A job in a sales environment can often be grueling task and in the vast majority of cases will not always produce the instant results we so dearly want. The journey from initial contact to an end goal could be compared to the gears on a car; you cannot shift from 1st gear straight to 5th gear. Trying to move this quickly may ultimately lead to failure and in the case of a car you will probably stall.

The quoted passage below highlights the need to be persistent and committed and try not to jump the gun too early. It’s said that it can take up to five follow up calls from the initial call before you will get the all-important “yes” that you are looking for. These five calls can be compared to the five gears on a car and how moving through the gears from 1st to 5th can often lead success in a sales environment.

The statistics below from the same article further emphasise this, explaining that 92% of people will give up after 4 no’s.

44% of sales people give up after one "no"

22% give up after two "no’s"

14% give up after three "no’s"

12% give up after four "no’s"

So next time you've just come off a call and it doesn’t feel like you are getting anywhere, just remember, sales is often a long game and it can take a while to get to fifth gear!