The Automotive industry has embraced CRM, social media, video technology & marketing automation into their product & selling cycles and are using it to great effect.

Alphabet’s recent industry first, “Virtual Handover” service for LCV drivers and fleet managers is a perfect example of excellence of innovation in service delivery with QR code scanners providing easy ways to allow different drivers to safely use unique vehicles on a day to day basis.

However, in the age of automation, sophisticated software solutions & video tools, has the automotive fleet industry forgotten the all-important relationship with the Account Manager? Or has the Account Manager been absolved of their responsibility once the client is “current”, instead focused on cultivating something new?

In their study, Venson found that 57% of people phoning an automated customer service line had to wait 10-15 minutes before the call is answered, asking the crucial question "when did you last see the Account Manager for our fleet supplier?"

So in today’s world of technology, does business structure encourage Account Managers to nurture customer relationships in the purest form?