My colleague sent me an article - it spoke about how a recruiter never has a candidate's best interests at heart and how they don't care about the salary, so long as the placement is made.

So now I have calmed down and stopped ranting (well nearly), I just wanted my say.

There are so many things that are wrong with the process if you get to an offer stage and the salary expectations of both the candidate and recruiting business have not been managed properly.

Candidates don't pay recruiters, so your best bet as a candidate is to make sure your recruiter thinks you are the best candidate for the role - meet them, engage, discuss what else is happening in your job search. Keep in touch.

Also, understand your value in your market.  Find out what your skills will generally be paid, discuss this with your recruiter; they won’t want to undervalue you, but will make sure you are realistic.

If you have applied to a role, make sure you discuss the salary.  There is just no point in applying and then pushing up your value for a company that can't afford you.

Keep the dialogue open. Things can change in a job search so keep talking to your recruiter.  The more information they have, the more likely they are to get you the right role, with the right business, with the right package (which may not necessarily be the largest package).

Make yourself the best candidate ever and your recruiter will work hardest for you and will negotiate the best package for you.  They know their customer and they will be working for both parties.

I know there are a lot of shonky recruiters out there but if you get a good one, trust them to do the best job for you - and they will!