I was chatting to someone today and what they told me actually made my jaw drop (which if you know me takes quite a lot).

We were talking about her boss and how he introduced her to someone who was an ex-colleague (and still a friend) of his.  It went something like this... 

"This is (insert name here), he's an old mate of mine and you need to watch him - he's got a shag in every postcode".

Now bearing in mind I wasn't there, this was being relayed to me (and it still made my head spin), I wondered if I was being extremely prudish.  So I had a think and...nope. Not my style.  I still think it was incredibly inappropriate and must have been hugely uncomfortable. I wonder if he would have introduced two chaps in the same way?

Is this just a little power trip?  Is it a bloke thing and she was being included in their joke? Is it a bit of fun and I am just not fun anymore?

For an industry that has a great proportion of women in senior positions, I just can’t imagine female colleagues introducing a stranger in that way or to be honest, many men either.

All sounds a bit too close to Mr. Donald Trump for my liking!