‘I’m the nagging voice of doom to a captive audience of my recruiter colleagues, but I love it and maybe they’re starting to realise that all this banging on about blogging does PAY…’

….and there my friends, you have it. The marketing devil who has been sitting on our shoulders for the last year finally gets to say… ‘I told you so… ha-ha’

Yes, yes Chloe, you win and the proof is most certainly in the ‘PIE’ - whoop, whoop!

So, I give you the recruiter side view.

Months of desperately trying to prioritise ‘fannying’ around with photos and blogging, not really understanding the need. What point is it that we are trying to make? I can give you all the typical jargon one would such as:

“It drives traffic to your website.”

“It increases your SEO.”

Which of course it does, but to a recruiter who is trying to master the art of ‘day time plate juggling’ and who sleeps with a notepad next to the bed, anything short of immediate impact activity seems completely unnecessary.

So I suppose I am writing this to preach to the ‘un-converted’ how important it actually is to set the time aside for the extras.

From our experience at PIE, there are some astonishing figures to show and my desk has directly benefited from finding time to blog/post/share and comment on my industry.

How did I do it? It’s quite simple, I set time aside.

I can guarantee that my day to day work did not suffer from this. If you close your emails down for 1 hour per week ‘the house will not burn down’...in fact if anything, it gave me the chance to do something different, whilst taking a step back to show people that I know my industry.

The trouble with most ‘paper pushing’ recruiters these days is that they don’t know their industry or if they do, they are not taking the time to show it!

If you’ve got it flaunt it, so they say

What have we/I achieved?

  • In the last week alone we have been placed in the top 20 most socially engaged recruiters on LinkedIn…
  • Organic & direct traffic to our site has increased by 119% for Q3 vs Q1
  • Social referral traffic i.e. (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook) has increased by 493%
  • Visitors referred via direct marketing have increased by 1496% from Q1 to Q3

And that's only the beginning - I could make your head spin with statistics!!

Go get um bloggers!