I love to read articles like this.

In amongst all of the (very useful and interesting) noise about new techniques, top ten lists of do's and don'ts in the sales process and generally how to do our jobs better, it's rare that we remind ourselves about some of the very basic elements of everyday relationship building.

Remember you are dealing with a PERSON.  

Sound a bit soppy?  yeah yeah...

But ultimately, in a crowded market where competitors in the service industry shout about USPs and scrum for stand out brand identity with claims of superior service and expertise, the immeasurable, seemingly uncontrollable, undercurrent force of "reputation" still prevails.

In our industry, what is just the day job for a consultant can be a very stressful time for candidates and indeed clients, having a mental impact sometimes far beyond the obvious.  I've regularly urged my teams to remember that in the past.

Yes, I'd like to think that our business and brand is synonymous with all of the USP's we strive so hard to achieve in our marketing messages, but what I'd like just as much is for candidates and clients alike to remember the positive human elements of their experience with us too.   

Including a good healthy dose of genuine, uninhibited, selfless kindness.

Old fashioned?

Maybe.  But just human.