So with the first real coughs and sneezes of the season up and running in our office there have been cries of "go home, we don't want it" to "come on - push on through".  So the boys and girls at Kantar Worldpanel recon the cost of a cold in cash terms could be anything from £2.29 to £27.53 depending on whether you just buy yourself a box of tissues or get every remedy going and some comfort food for good measure!

It can be costly personally but for a small business it can be devastating if half of the workforce are unwell.

So how to tell the difference? - a cold or the flu?  The £50 challenge is the answer! Imagine there was a £50 note just fluttering around at the bottom of your garden. If you really can't be bothered to get up and go and get it, you probably have the flu.  If you can, you should be getting your backside into work - you only have a cold!

However, back to the case in point - don't spend a fortune, just buy some nice soft tissues with the aloe balm on them and get some paracetamol down your neck! Unless of course you can't be a*sed to go and get that imaginary 50 quid and you really should be in bed!