It’s that time of the year again, where the weather seems to take a turn for the worse. This week alone has seen the full force of storm Angus hit the UK. With the wind and rain at a constant deluge and the winter months fast approaching, this means snow is most likely on its way - and I have no doubt us Brits will go into the meltdown at first sight of it.

Figures from previous years have claimed that periods of snow that brings the UK to a standstill, can cost the economy up to  £500,000,000 a day (as quoted from data formulated post the blizzards of 2010). A large driving force behind this deficit is people not making it into work in such conditions.

So this begs the question how much snow constitutes to you not being able to make it into work?

Some of you will be able to answer this question easily.  A flexible work environment means you're set up and simply "working from home" that day.  

But for the masses, the snow brings a little more of a physical and moral dilemma. 

  • How much snow determines not being safe to drive?
  • Can I physically get into the office or not?
  • Or more to the point....should I?
  • Can I get away with not going?
  • Can I be bothered?
  • Is Claire from accounts going in? She lives a 2 mile walk away.
  • I want to go sledging.

So fast forward a few weeks when the winter snow is upon us. What lengths will you go to in order make it into work on time?