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Tis not the season to make a fool of yourself at the work Christmas party!

By Mel Churcher

So it’s Christmas party season!

One would guess most of you are excited? Nervous?

PIE Recruitment have had our fair share of experience at company parties, whether it be Christmas, Awards events, someone’s birthday or just merely celebrating that it’s Wednesday!

I like the attached article, it actually offers some genuine tips for keeping your job - although the situations outlined in the article are perhaps more professional than those that some of us will have actually experienced!

Let me put my personal experiences to you too and, just for the record, I am NOT saying these are all things I have done! Some maybe, the rest not, I’ll let you decide...

 (It’s like a game of ‘I have never!’)

We’ll start with the ‘what not to do’s’. Mainly because there are more of them!

  • DO NOT ‘get so drunk that you deem it acceptable to chew the ear off a perfectly random stranger’
  • DO NOT ‘Discuss your individual salaries with your teams’ (It’s not cool and don’t even get me started on the politics behind it)
  • DO NOT ‘Play I have never’. You could end up sharing some incredibly embarrassing stories with your peers - just remember that on Monday morning you can’t take it back!
  • DO NOT ‘leave your hotel room without the key when you are rather inappropriately dressed, or not dressed at all?’
  • DO NOT ‘Air your dirty laundry in public’
  • DO NOT ‘Drink so much that the carrot you ate for Christmas lunch is making an appearance out of your nose before you have even finished dessert’
  • DO NOT 'Dip your nib in the company ink!'
  • DO NOT ‘Fail to show up at work the next day’
  • DO NOT ‘Leave your phone next to your drunk colleagues’
  • DO NOT ‘Take your colleague's phone whilst you are drunk’

  • DO ‘Turn up!’
  • DO ‘Leave your beer goggles at home’
  • DO ‘Chat with your colleagues appropriately’   
  • DO ‘Dress appropriately’
  • DO ‘Help others, if you see them doing ANY of the above DO NOTs’
  • DO ‘Have fun’

So, there are many people who may have a million stories to tell & the list above won’t contain even a small amount of them - but I know everyone can take at least one of the above as a tip.

As myself and the crew at PIE Recruitment prepare for the Digital Marketing and Recruitment awards tonight, followed by a lavish Christmas party at in a few weeks, I know there are a few who will benefit from reminding themselves of the above!

Dodgy dancing, loads of booze and loose lips: the office Christmas party is a minefield of potential embarrassing missteps and opportunities for demotion or getting fired. How do you go about navigating these treacherous waters? Here are dos and don'ts from some etiquette experts who know the proper way to behave. Whether you heed them is another matter...

Read the original article here
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