I read this excellent article this morning, about some of the things one manager wishes they had known before they became a manager.

With some new managers evolving here at PIE, this article sums up just some of the new phenomena you may experience when becoming a manager for the first time.  

It's an exciting time in anyone's career but particularly in a sales role where you're still billing, it can be hard to perform highly in your day job as well as concentrating on getting noticed for doing a good job within your new elevated position.

This article recognises that like many other aspects of your well crafted career, good management is an art which you need to take time to learn and master and it also gives some great pointers as to some of the hurdles you may come across along the way.

I've summarised the key points below but do click through to read the full article, it covers some great points.

1) Don't aim to be liked. Aim to be transformational. 

2) Don't worry if your team doesn't always need you. 

3) Coaches don't couch. 

4) Meetings really do matter. 

5) You can't approach everyone the same way.