Taking the recruitment industry out of the equation for the time being and looking at sales in general, how many of us have come back to 2017, raring to go, big plans in place, big numbers to hit and then thought... 

How the hell do I get there?

It has dawned on me that just being 1% better at what I do every day means that exponentially I will be adding an extra 3,800% to my efforts of last year. (Good maths!)

However, starting to apply this is the next step and I reckon if I can apply it in work time and apply it to my personal time (because they are inextricably linked after all), it's going to be a very good year.

So to start.

At work, I'll take the phone call from the difficult customer, make the call I was dreading, do that piece of work I've been putting off - and continue this whilst then adding or changing other things. 

Personally, I'll take a walk to the supermarket at least a couple of times a week for lunch rather than taking the car, finish off one of the three books I'm currently reading and put my shoes away when I get home! (The last one is very important because if I don't, they'll get thrown at me and I won't be able to get to work to make the difficult phone call!) 

I reckon starting with these little things will change my mind set and make those big numbers and goals bite sized and achievable.  

So come on Doctor - heal thyself - in other words, time to take my own advice - and I hope that some of the team will want to come along for the ride!