This is a blog post and I'm breaking all of our own rules on self-promotion while blogging here.  But if you want to blog about winning awards there's no getting around this one.

If you're reading this, it's official.  You're in a good place - today, whatwethink has been voted Recruitment Blog of the Year by UK Recruiter.

Whoop whoop!

PIE Towers is buzzing even more than normal.

Yes, this is self promotion, of course we want to tell everyone we won and encourage you all to get onto our website - but I also wanted to make sure that this is also a public acknowledgment of thanks.

To every one of the Consultants and Support team at PIE, who before May 2016, had little to no experience of writing at all, yet have managed to come together to publish thoughts and opinions to create an award winning blog.

What an achievement.  

All of this on top of being great recruiters and contributing to another great year at PIE.

Thanks again for above and beyond the day job to make PIE stand out even more - for all the right reasons.

That is all.