Driving into work this morning, I was surprised to hear on the radio that white was the most popular car colour choice for consumers in 2016. I know white has been on the rise in terms of popularity for many years now, but it's actually responsible for 522,329 vehicles sold last year - which is just over 20% of the total vehicles sold in the UK.

The figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show a remarkable turnaround for white over the past decade. I personally think I’m still stuck in the last decade as I still associate the colour white with Police vehicles and delivery vans!

I know manufacturers have to be responsive to the ever changing modern consumer, but when I'm personally choosing my family vehicle, I also take into consideration the Residual Value, the interior trim match and the safety of the vehicle, as without question some colours are more visible than others on the road.

In comparison with engine size, specification and vehicle extras, colour is hardly a crucial decision, but if you choose the wrong colour, I think it is fair to say that you might find it harder to sell the vehicle for the best price in years to come. Metallic paint has been the most popular optional extra on new cars for many years now as not only does it look good, it will also help with the residual value of your vehicle.

Automotive colour experts are predicting that this move towards bolder colours will continue in the coming years but from my point of view it will certainly take time to acclimatise to seeing more pink and green vehicles on the road in years to come!

Could we now say white is the new silver?