When looking for a new job, people often get loads of coaching about what to ask at an interview and more often than not, how to answer the difficult questions from a potential new boss.

So when do you get the time to think about the questions you should be asking yourself?  When do you sit down and 'have a word'?

There are really only a couple of questions you need to ask and answer yourself - but be honest, otherwise it will just cause problems later.

Why do I want a new job?  Everyone always talks about 'lack of development opportunity' (which is almost certainly a reason too) but be honest - is it really just that?   Is it because the business has changed and you haven't, or has your boss moved on?  Has the company not hit its targets/paid out a bonus, or have you been passed over for promotion? 

Why do I want this particular job?   It is so easy to have your head turned by a business that really wants you.  When we are flattered, we tend not to ask any of the difficult or probing questions in case we offend someone who we would like to hire us. So make sure you dig down and ask all of the questions you would ask a business you were not so sure about.  Then you'll have a tangible reason for wanting to work for a company rather than just loving a brand or a boss - because both of these things can change once you are in the job.

It's quite hard to be that honest with oneself, as it does mean asking and answering some questions we'd probably prefer not to.

Find out what your real motivation is and it will help you make the right choice.